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About LifeLong


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What does Reproductive Health and Rejuvenation mean?


Our practice is passionate about women’s health, especially in those years before, during, and after childbirth. Reproductive Health means recognizing, and acting upon, actions and new habits which will ensure a healthy baby.  And that starts with a healthy mom.

During months of pregnancy, we guide and counsel moms-to-be about their diet, exercise, and psychological well being.  After childbirth, we continue to stay in touch with our patients even as they transition to pediatric care for their child.  During the time leading up to childbirth, nothing is more important than good communication.  LifeLong’s team makes sure that every question the patient has is answered and that patient is as knowledgeable as possible about the changes her body is going through.

Rejuvenation is another focus of LifeLong.  Through our BioTe® and UltraSlim® therapies and treatments, we help you live -- and love -- life, as you should.

Our bodies go through continuous change as we age.  LIfelong’s care for patients extends from birth through, and beyond, the middle-age years, where new medicines and therapies can play an important role in enjoying a healthy, happy lifestyle.  Whether it’s Obstetrics/Gynecology, BioTe hormone therapy, or our UltraSlim fat reduction therapy, LifeLong’s team is here to help guide and take care of you.

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