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Non-invasive Facelift

Take 10-15 Years off Your Face

Traditional Facelift vs. UltraSlim Non-Invasive Facelift 

  • Traditional facelifts require surgery – UltraSlim is non-touch and non-invasive.

  • Traditional facelifts average almost $8,000

  • Traditional facelifts require weeks of downtime – UltraSlim requires Zero downtime.

  • Traditional facelifts take months to see results – UltraSlim gives you results in two weeks.


Traditional facelifts come with possibly life-changing medical risks – UltraSlim is zero risk.

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UltraSlim Non-Invasive Facelift

As we age, gravity takes over, skin loosens, and our youthful, vibrant looks fade. For some people, the aging process is not as forgiving, and it can make you look years or even decades older than you really are. One of the most common complaints comes about the skin under the chin and around the neck. The frustrating part is diet, and exercise usually doesn’t remedy loose and sagging skin on and around the face. Until now, the only option was a surgical facelift that came with lots of risks, cost, and pain. With UltraSlim, you can get the benefits of a facelift without the cost, pain, and risks.

Experience the joy of taking 10  to 15 years off your face in as little as two weeks! UltraSlim dramatically improves your skin and neckline. You can easily maintain your new look with monthly touch-ups. UltraSlim is the most powerful and effective treatment for non-invasive fat loss. The results are beautiful skin for any skin type or body type. 

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How Does the UltraSlim Non-Invasive Facelift Treatment Work?

UltraSlim increases the production of collagen and elastin, helping to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of aging. There are zero side effects, and patients enjoy better and safe results. UltraSlim’s touchless FDA-approved safe red light technology we treat your face trouble areas in a matter of minutes. There is no pain, no discomfort, no downtime, and no side effects. Depending on your goals, you can decide the number of treatments you need. 

Who is the UltraSlim Non-Invasive Facelift Treatment For?

The UltraSlim Non-invasive Facelift treatment is for women and men. One of the biggest concerns our patients come to us with is the appearance of loose jowls. Tightening sagging skin around the jawline can restore years to your face in a matter of weeks.  Sagging and loose skin on the neck is another popular trouble are we can treat with success. Even deep creases and wrinkles can be remedied with UltraSlim treatment.

Ready to Take off 10-15 Years on Your Face with a Pain-free, Surgery Free, Drug-Free Treatment? Contact us.

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