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Mommy Makeover

Get Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Using Non-invasive and Painless Treatments

Women, on average, can gain between 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. While it seems like a lot of weight, only about one-third of it is fat gain. Babies need that extra weight when they’re developing in the womb, but after delivery, moms are ready to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight as soon as possible. Extra fat can be uncomfortable and cause stress on your joints. The challenge is finding the time to shed the extra fat while being a full-time new mom. Even with proper diet and exercise, shedding pregnancy fat can be difficult.

UltraSlim of Arkansas was founded by Dr. Marks, a practicing OB/GYN. He knows how important it is for new moms to shed extra pregnancy fat and get back to feeling good again. The Mommy Makeover is a set of treatments that specifically address the problems created by pregnancy. The UltraSlim Mommy Makeover is the best non-invasive body contouring post-pregnancy treatment available.

Who is the Body and Thigh Sculptor Treatments For?

The Mommy Makeover is for all women looking for an efficient, pain-free, drug-free, exercise free, and non-invasive way to get back to the pre-pregnancy body. Being a new mom is the most physically and mentally demanding job in the world. You’re lucky if you can find time to get enough sleep, much less cook a healthy meal, and hit the gym. Mommy Maker gives you a jump start and express path to getting rid of post-pregnancy fat and stretched skin.


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