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Wellness Exams

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About Our OB/GYN Services

Every pregnancy and birth is unique, and so is the attention we provide to our patients. Maintaining excellent health during pregnancy is key and our staff works with patients to ensure their best health possible, thereby reducing the risks -- and stress -- surrounding childbirth.

Dr. Steve Marks leads our team with more than 35 years of experience as a certified OBGYN.  He and the rest of our team are reliable, responsible, patient, and design a program for each of our patients that helps ensure the best outcomes for both mother and baby.


Wellness Exams

At West Little Rock Women's Center, we want our patients to be cared for at every stage of life. We always recommend a health check-up once a year. Routine checkups include physicals, breast exams, and pelvic exams, and are also a great opportunity to talk to your doctor.

Physical exam

Physical exam helps us assess your overall health and begin to determine the best care plan for you. This typically measures factors such as blood pressure, weight, and body mass index.

Breast exam

One of the best ways to beat breast cancer is to find it early. Through visual and palpable breast exams, we want to help you keep your breasts as healthy as possible. We also use BRACanalysis technology to get a clearer picture of your family history and breast cancer risk before it becomes a threat.

Pelvic exam
With a routine pelvic exam, we can check for abnormalities of the uterus and ovaries and look for cervical cancer. We can better understand your family history and give you a clearer picture of the risk you're facing with our BRACanalysis technology. Women with a family history of ovarian cancer have a higher risk of developing the cancer on their own, and identifying your risk when you're younger makes it easier to fight the disease.

During your annual wellness checkup, we want to reassure you. These appointments are a great time to discuss any health issues or risks you may be facing with your doctor. We are here to answer your questions and confidently listen to your concerns.

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